Your Digital Secretary

Automatically book meetings and answer common questions. 

Aphid will intelligently route the lead to your sales team, set up the meeting and alert you when it’s coming up. Receive a report of your analytics to see trends, ways to optimize and easily download a list of meetings by type, contact or team member.

Connects with Google & Office 365 Calendar

Prospects and clients can schedule a meeting with your team online and directly from your website. This saves time for your team, and also shortens your conversion cycle. Aphid automatically qualifies leads before booking the meeting and makes sure that the meeting is booked on the appropriate team member’s calendar.


Save Time

No need for emails or phone calls. Meeting scheduling happens automatically.

Works 24 / 7

Your bot works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so opportunities are never missed.

Shorten Conversion Cycle

Meetings are booked instantly so it pushes people into demos and sales in half the time.

Auto-Qualify Leads

Your bot will book meetings only if it meets the rules you create. 

How It Works



In minutes you can set-up your license account, add your company logo and colors


Edit your Bot

Have your bot introduce itself, or write any qualifying questions you need to ask


Connect Your Calendar

Connect your Google or Office 365 Calendar to your bot


Publish your bot + Add to Your Site

Publish your your bot and add to your site (with a snippet of Javascript)

See Meeting Analytics & Send Meeting Data Straight to Your CRM

Meeting Analytics

View how many meetings were booked over time and with whom so you can track your website conversion goals or the performance of your sales team.

Export into Excel

All meeting data is exportable into Excel and lists all your historical meetings.

Send Meeting Data into Your CRM

Send all meeting and contact information directly into your Salesforce, CRM, or proprietary platforms via API or Zapier.

Qualify Leads & Route Meetings

Explain Your Product + Services

Have your bot answer common questions about your products and services when you can’t be there.

Qualify Leads

Ask questions such as size of company, timing for making decisions, etc. Then prioritize meetings based on rules you create.

Route Meetings

Your bot can ask questions about leads such as their location, or industry and route meetings to different calendars based on customer responses.










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