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Differences between Aphid & Aphids.

If you are curious about Aphid and aphids, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will get a close look at Aphid.io and Aphids. Read on to get a full understanding of Aphid technology and Aphids, these tiny but fascinating creatures.

What’s Aphid?

Aphid is a financial technology company and ecosystem disrupting the workforce economy. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, Aphid leverages task automation, chatbot support, E-Commerce, information retrieval, and other internet-related services to reduce manual labor.

What are Aphids?

When you look under the leaf of a flower or plant and if you’ve found a cluster of tiny insects, then you've most likely encountered aphids. Aphids are small bugs that feed on plants. They reproduce very quickly, they’ve given scientific lots of opportunities to study them, and given us a lot of information on them.

Aphid Reproduction

Imagine multiple versions of yourself working for you simultaneously. With aphid, you can reproduce yourself into one or multiple AI versions of yourself, called Aclone. Your Aclones can each have different skill sets based on which plugin to add on to them.

Aphids Reproduction

The most unusual feature of aphids is their sex life (or non-sex life). While some aphids reproduce sexually, others reproduce asexually, and depending on their environment, some also use both methods of reproduction. Females can either give birth to live clones or lay eggs, with asexual reproduction, without a male aphid.

When aphids do involve a male, the females are able to produce copies of themselves after laying eggs or creating clones as well. Under warm weather, some of the eggs hatch into males. When the males are in an age to reproduce, they can mate with the female aphid, who then produces eggs that will survive during winter.

Aphid life cycle

With Aphid, you Aclone life cycle can be infinite as long as you power it with Abions. In order for your Aclone to be alive (or active) you have to “feed it” with the utility token called Abions. How much to feed it? It will all depend on how much work your Aclone does. Each time your Aclone is required to work and is summoned, it will rely on Abions. So as long as you have enough Abions for your Aclone is life cycle is infinite.

Aphids Holocyclic & Anholocyclic Life Cycle

Aphids use asexual and sexual reproduction and others use both, and there are a few different paths their life cycle may take. Their cycle is highly affected by environmental factors and the lifespan of an aphid is one month.

Aphids' holocyclic life cycle starts as an egg that is usually planted before winter. Later it hatches into a fundatrix, which is a wingless female. Next, the fundatrix will produce daughter clones. The females will then go on to create both males and females. These aphids will mate and create an egg that can survive the winter.

In aphids anholocyclic life cycle,the female aphids will produce live birth clones of themselves without any males. Their life cycle usually is like this: a female aphid creates a clone called an aptera. The aptera can survive the winter, then goes on to continue the cycle by creating more clones.

Aphid Ecosystem

Aphid’s ecosystem is vast and very eventful. You Aclone can be part of Aphid’s ecosystem, where it can work and bring you money. In our ecosystem, we have a virtual mall with many stores and products, called Honeydew. When a consumer is looking for an item, like a purse, they will go to honeydew and chat with your Aclone.

Your Aclone will ask the consumer questions and based on the answer will propose a selection of potential purse matches from Honeydew mall. When the consumer makes a purchase your Aclone makes a commission. Since you are the controller and the creator of your Aclone, you are the one collecting the commission immediately.

Aphids Ecosystem

Certain kinds of ants farm aphids, consuming the honeydew the aphids release and protecting them on the plants where they feed. This is a mutualistic relationship, with the ants milking the aphids by stroking them with their antennae. The feeding behavior of aphids is changed by ant presence. Aphids attended by ants increase the production of honeydew in smaller drops with a bigger concentration of amino acids.

Aphid Control

How to control your Aphid? Simple. You are the creator of your Aclone so you also control it. As a controller, you can add a skill set to your Aclone with our selection of plugins, you can integrate your Aclone into our ecosystem Honeydew or you can appoint it into your own website. You decide, you are the controller and have all the power.

Aphids Control

Controlling aphids with insecticide is difficult, because they breed rapidly, so the smallest missed area may enable aphids to repopulate quickly. Aphids occupy undersides of leaves where the spray will likely miss, while systemic insecticides do not move into flower petals. Also, note that some aphid species are resistant to common insecticide classes.

If you are experiencing small backyard infestations, you should spray plants thoroughly with a strong water jet every few days. The use of an insecticidal soap solution can also be an effective remedy to control aphids, however, it will only kill aphids on contact and doesn’t have any residual effect. At higher concentrations, soap spray may damage plants, especially with temperatures above 32 °C (90 °F).

Both Aphid and aphids have a cloning capability. Now, you might now have an aphids problem but you definitely want to have an Aphid’s solution. Sign up for beta today and create your Aclone. Go to www.Aphid.io, sign up is FREE!

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