5 Ways Automation Can Help To Grow Your Business

Are you looking to add automation for your small or medium business? If so, you're not the only one. Automation comes in many forms and has many uses that make it a must-have tool for business owners, customer support, and marketers. It is not surprising that 40% of large businesses automate at least one part of their business operation.

When we refer to automation, we are talking about a system that can perform tasks with little to nothing room for error. Additionally, the system will either work off manual programming or artificial intelligence but can grow and improve based on repetitive actions and interactions.

Business owners can use automation in ways to generate more leads, improve customer support, collect data analytics, and much more. Here are five ways you can use automation to optimize your business and its growth.

1. Scalable customer support

With the increase in online sales, businesses have been forced to improve their customer support. When someone buys a product on your site, they expect to be able to talk to an agent if they want to know something about their order or product. On top of that, customer service is one of the best ways to generate leads for a business. If someone landed on your website, had a question about an item or service, but couldn’t contact anyone, they would leave and not come back.

Automated chatbots won’t fully replace human workers, it's a misconception. Businesses will need a live chat to help with complex problems or issues that a robot can't solve. But the automated system can help answer the common questions and redirect the consumer to the right department that will be able to answer their questions.

2. Robotic Order Processing

Order processing is one of the biggest issues new owners face when their business starts to grow. It's almost impossible for a couple of people to keep up with hundreds of orders of customers daily.

Luckily, robotic order processing will help you scale your business and help direct tickets to the right department. Let’s imagine that you sell clothes on your website, the robotic order processing program will look at the products ordered and send a list of clothes to the appropriate departments. This will help your business to scale, free up time and send packages out faster.

3. Target Consumers Using Directly On Your Website

No matter the size of the business, every owner is using automation to track consumer behavior on their website for personalized offers. Netflix and Amazon are two big players that are doing this all the time. Both of them track what their customers buy or watch to build custom lists of movies or product suggestions.

You too can apply the same strategy for your business, even if you don’t have massive e-commerce. With just a couple of products, you can use automation to track the way consumers interact on your website and better understand what pages they visit. The artificial intelligence system will collect this data and make decisions about offers for the user.

4. Personalize & Auto Reply Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective tool when you are marketing your business. On average, the ROI for email marketing is an incredible 3,800%. You could see a $38 return for every $1 spent.

Automated systems can help you optimize your email marketing campaign by implementing an auto-reply function to anybody messaging you via your contact form. Every consumer expects an instant response, even when it is not a direct answer to their question. Contacting someone within an hour of them emailing makes it seven times more likely that you can convert that consumer into a lead.

Additionally, you can ask your new subscribers to point out topics that they would like to see in the future, or use an AI that classifies consumers based on how and when they use your website.

5. Collect data

Finally, you can use automation to collect data for your future marketing campaigns, development cycles and even product development. Data always provides a wealth of information that you can collect from social media, surveys, and customer feedback. This data is very hard to handle and track if you're trying to collect and organize every response manually.

Automation allows business owners to collect and organize the data in real-time and will help them make the best decisions.

There are a lot of ways you can use automation to grow your business. When you are looking to scale up, you'll find more ways to integrate automation and AI on your website and throughout various channels.

Within the next 2 years, we will see more people use automation to grow their business, generate leads, and track consumer behavior. We should be excited at the prospect of making a business owner’s lives easier to navigate. Expect to see automation as a central pillar in improving user experience and online personalization for years to come.

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