Aphid Pay is a transaction merchant service and protocol which allows you to receive compensation of USD and various digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP from your aClone activity.

What is the aBion?

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aBion is the automation digital asset used for to power aClone's. Send and receive aBion's to users in the ecosystem.


Aphid Pay Wallet allows you to interact directly with the blockchain, while you remain in full control of your keys and funds.

Aphid Pay Wallet is not a bank or exchange. We don't hold your keys, your funds, or your information. This means we can't access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, or reverse transactions.

WARNING: You And Only You Are Responsible For Your Security.

Where are my funds stored?

Your tokens and coins are not on MyEtherWallet. Just like they aren't on your hardware wallet, on MetaMask, or on blockchain explorers. All funds are on the blockchain itself. This means that we do not control them. We are a doorway that allows you to interact with the blockchain in a convenient way.

WARNING: MyEtherWallet Does Not Control Your Funds. You Do!

What if I lose my keys or password?

We can not recover your information for you. If you lose your information, it's GONE FOREVER. MEW doesn't store any data. After you've received your keys and set up a password, we strongly suggest you:

  • Write Your Keys And Password Down. Keep Them Safe.

  • Don't Store Your Keys And Password on Your Computer or Phone.

Warning: We Can't Restore Your Keys or Reset Your Password

The purpose of cryptocurrency is to allow people to manage their funds in a anonymous and secure way, from any location, without relying on third parties.

On the blockchain, your digital assets are not controlled by any bank or government. You are the only one who has access to your funds and you can instantly transfer them to any other address on the blockchain without depending on authorizations, permissions, or limits. Your public address and your private key are the only pieces of information you need to hold and manage your funds from anywhere in the world.










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